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Here you will get insights in future trends of dentistry and scientifically based knowledge of how oral health affects the body's general health and longevity.

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AM i studiet 2023 mindre
AM i studiet 2023 mindre

World's greatest notes! I LOVE your posts! All of them!

You send so much good energy and everyday-glitter out in the virtual world.

It's inspiring, and I'm crazy about it. THANK YOU! 

Emilie Ringgaard Smed, dentist

What you can read about in Dental Insights


Future of dentistry

Future trends, technologies and work


Mouth-body connection

How oral health affects the body's general health


Dentistry and oral health

Anything that is relevant in dentistry and oral health

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What a great and wonderful piece of work you've created! Thank you so much - I really appreciate your excellent notes. I will definitely get good use of them.

Rikke Raben, dental hygienist


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I follow your posts with great interest and greatly enjoy your notes. I think you are very inspirering and you have an amazing approach to our profession.

Helle Lüppert, dentists

All earlier editions of Dental Insights (ENG)

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